Micah is available for venues, weddings and parties

We offer original songs for special occasions like Anniversaries, Weddings and Birthdays.

For Corporate Events

We can write, arrange, record and perform music for corporate events of all kinds. Give us the facts, choose a style or song, and we will create something unique for your event. We can record it and create gift CD’s or drop cards for any number of recipients.

Custom and Original Songs for Events

What is a house concert?

Wanna have a party and bring the fun live music right to your home?

Dancing, laughing and jamming out!

The live show can be in your living room, yard, barn, clubhouse, private room in a restaurant, boat dock, or other creative hangout.!


The focus is a fun! There's a mix of  your favorite covers and Micah's original music that you love!. Your guests will get a history behind the song and some really fun stories of how each song was inspired.


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